21st Century–My First Step

“So do you have a website?” friends and colleagues have asked.  “Do you have a blog?”    Well, I am a historian who does in fact live in the past at times.  “I see dead people”––no, not ghosts (perhaps a subject for another day), but I do see towns in their heyday from the remnants left behind, and I am there.  But, truth be told, I am more than a bit of a Luddite.  No dishwasher, no microwave––and I have a working dial telephone in my living room.

At birth I was blessed with a great gift––that of wonder. There is wonder in the wind and the stars and sandhill cranes flying overhead, and also in dandelions springing up through cracked concrete and old sad houses needing love and people with the eyes to see their beauty.

Once upon a time I wrote about these sorts of things and more, in “alternative” newspapers that popped up like toadstools after a rain and often disappeared just as quickly.  I wrote for Metro, The Indianapolis Weekly, The Indianapolis Citizen––and several others long forgotten.  These sorts of papers are gone, but in many ways, blogs have replaced them.  In the old days I wrote longhand with number 2 pencils on a yellow pad; now it’s on a keyboard, but in weeks and months to come I will write of old buildings and old towns (I do a lot of work in historic preservation); the earth and its songs, my wanderings, and throughout all, the wonder.

I begin this new adventure on the first of December, and my heart dances in the season’s first snowfall.

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4 Responses to 21st Century–My First Step

  1. Eric Grayson says:

    It sure took you long enough! As you’re doing something new, I note you’re sending in old Kodachrome in the last month it will ever be processed. One foot in both worlds.

    • admin says:

      Nothing so beautiful as projected Kodachrome slides! I use them to illustrate most of my talks. I have a show of my photography coming up next June in Plainfield.

  2. William Gulde says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere, friend. Loved your opening essay. You are no Luddite. Sincerely, Bill

    • admin says:

      Though accepted, what an inelegant term – blogosphere – for something that is. . . a new road!
      Thank you, my friend.

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